Arohana means ‘ascending’ or ‘climbing’ in Sanskrit. In North India and South Indian classical music, it is common to hear Arohana and Avarohana (ascending and descending scales of notes of the raga).

The symbol is of a rising Umblacherry cow, a breed native to the Thanjavur delta depicted in simple form with cyan and ice blue colours to capture the calmness and docility of the cow.

Arohana Dairy is a social enterprise established the Southern India state of Tamil Nadu whose aim is to ensure that the Indian dairy farmer is able to run the dairy farm as a lucrative primary or secondary occupation without a debilitating dependency on labour.

Arohana’s vision is “Leading rural communities to a better tomorrow”. Arohana Dairy is working to create highly productive dairy clusters by providing conveniences to the dairy farmer enabling her to:

✓ Augment her income
✓ Expand herd size

✓ Adopt to appropriate automation at the community level and
✓ De-mystify the technical and scientific aspects of dairy farming

How they work

ArohanaArohana commenced operations in January 2010, in Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, India and currently operates in 34 villages within a 25 km radius from its chilling unit in Thanjavur and Pudukkottai Districts where they collect milk from over 1100 farmers everyday (mostly women). They support farmers to buy new highly yielding cattle by facilitating bank credit as well as they provide educational and training courses for farmers.

This is an example of an educational course, Living in Minca Ltd provided for rural women on social enterprise.