Poligon is the first creative centre in Slovenia established in 2012 in Ljubljana. Poligon operates in the field of creative economies, social entrepreneurship and culture. Poligon cofounders are Slovenia Coworking, Slovenia Crowdfunding, Kreativna Cona Šiška (Rompom) and Ljudje.si, who have invested over 5000 hours into developing and educating about coworking and crowdfunding over the past two years.

Poligon’s values are based on values from worldwide co-working initiatives, including; open source development, as opposed to the conventional, secrecy based entrepreneurial culture, co-working individualism, as opposed to competitive individualism,interdisciplinary, as opposed to specialisation, action and active participation, focus on the process as well as the result, recognition of acknowledgment of individual contributions / copyrighted work, emphasising the talented community, as opposed to the individual and spontaneity, friendship and trust, as opposed to formality.