MINCA SOCIAL Edu-preneurship

We deliver innovative educational and training courses focusing on Social ‘Edu-preneurship’, – which is a led initiative that educates people about social enterprise and social economy initiatives in an interactive and dynamic way. We have designed a wide range of courses that include activities and videos to offer both fun and education, promoting dialogue and application of knowledge to help all participants to learn about social enterprise and social economy initiatives in an interesting way. We provide innovative face-to-face and online courses for universities, schools, NGOs and local communities across the globe about a wide range of topics.

✓ Understanding Social Entrepreneurship
✓ The Social and Solidarity Economy Model
✓ Who are those social entrepreneurs?
✓ How to start up a social enterprise
✓ Understanding social responsibility
✓ Complementary currencies and bartering systems

We have a wide range of experience delivering and supporting students and trainees around the world. We have worked with several NGOs, universities, schools and local communities in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe. Examples of this are Sharingon in Tanzania, Arohana in India, Middlesex University in the United Kingdom and Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial (UTE) in Ecuador and Granada University in Spain.