We are a team of professionals with a diverse range of experience, skills and abilities that combine added value to the services we provide, delivering extraordinary results time after time and believe in Minca’s philosophy of the undeniable power of the community upon the potential of the individual.

Andrés morales

Andres Morales is the Director and co-founder of Living in Minca. He has a degree in Sociology from Greenwich University and a MA on Managing Social Enterprises from University of Barcelona. His experience working as a social enterprise consultant as well as an educator in several European, African, Asian and Latin American countries has left a deep mark and served as the grounding for his belief that we have the power to affect the future. More recently, Andres has deepened his knowledge and experience researching about social enterprises in less developed countries; particularly he has undertaken research in Tanzania, Colombia and Ecuador.


Sara Calvo is the co-founder of Living in Minca and is currently working as a lecturer at the Leadership, Work and Organisations Department at Middlesex University in London where she teaches on social enterprise, leadership and management, organisational behavior and qualitative research. Beside this, she is an educator, trainer and a certified social enterprise advisor having completed a PhD on social entrepreneurship and ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom. Sara has provided consultancy services for a wide range of NGOs in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa as well as she has published articles in academic journals on research related to social enterprises in developed and less developed countries.

IoannisZikidisYanni zikidiS

Yanni is a filmmaker/editor currently based in London. His training includes a BA Hons in Film and Media Production from University of Glamorgan and a MA in Post-Production Editing from Bournemouth University, while his creative industry experience has so far been varied with work including editing for a prestigious TV show, corporate / telemarketing projects as well as London 2012 coverage, short films and documentaries. He sees the new opportunities and possibilities that Social Enterprise opens up; projects that will actually make a difference and aid the process of creating a fairer and more equal world. By utilizing and developing  further his skills, whether in researching, travelling, documenting and above all aiding, he hopes to be part of that process.

Hannah SimmonsHannah Simmons

Hannah is currently studying African Language and Culture in London.  Fuelling a fascination with intercultural relations, this degree has thus far enabled her to further her knowledge of present social issues and development in Africa. In addition, it has sparked a passion for learning Swahili and, more recently, Zulu. Previous time spent participating in community projects in Ghana, Sri Lanka and Europe centred around increasing opportunities to disseminate local culture has provided valuable experience. This background and ambition enables her to contribute enthusiastically towards striving to improve social conditions for others.

HeloiseJutteauHéloise Jutteau

Héloise is currently studying a graphic design degree in London. Through this degree she is able to hone skills such as problem solving and building strong communicational ties between herself as a designer, the client and their target audience. The overarching objective for graphic designers is to navigate the appropriate environment to find a better solution to the present problem, an objective which she often marries with her humanitarian aims. Having lived in Africa for three years, she was able to observe people’s needs first hand and early on came to the realization that social issues cannot be avoided or ignored. Thanks to her background and a strong commitment to make people’s life better, she has taken up the opportunity to use her knowledge and experience as a useful tool in challenging social issues.

NuraAliNura Ali

Nura is a recent graduate in history of art, English and Italian from the University of Leicester. Throughout most of her life she has been involved with several charitable organisation, ranging from help the aged to cancer research. This experience has helped strengthen her belief that we have an obligation to each other and that our strength or weakness as a people comes from the way we treat the most vulnerable member of our society. She is passionately committed to using her time, experience and expertise to create a fairer more tolerant world; where prosperity and equality are not mutually exclusive.

SilviaJimenezSilvia Jimenez

Silvia is a graduate in biology (specializing in biomedicine) from the University of Salamanca. Her interest in health policy analysis and health care systems has lead her to work within the health economics field. This field is particularly important now, as budgets for a disease’s treatment are generally no longer expanding, meaning policy – makers need to know how to best to expend the limited resources available to save the most amount of lives possible. Through her experience of living in Chile, she has a special interest in how the health of the population, especially in low-income economies, can be improved. She is delighted to collaborate with Minca living´s project and work with young and enthusiastic people from different disciplines who believe that other sustainable economic and social model is possible. The global crisis must serve us as both an indication that our economic model doesn’t work, as well as an impetus to change it. She believes that social enterprises are the key to this necessary change.

DanOzarowDan Ozarow

Dan brings with him a wealth of experience from the NGO and social enterprise sectors. A former Director and Founder of Danador, he spent several years offering development and fundraising consultancy to UK-based NGOs working around the world. He also worked as a Project Manager at British Jewry’s overseas humanitarian aid arm – WJR where he helped to establish and coordinate both international aid and social enterprise projects in China, South Africa, Eastern Europe, and South America. Dan has lived and volunteered in Argentina, supporting shanty town communities and the new urban poor to recover from the economic crisis of 2001/2 and is Trustee of several civil society development organisations including DEVRA. Currently a Lecturer at Middlesex University, London, he has completed his PhD and believes in the power of autonomous collective decision-making, community action and people’s self-organisation as a means to transform society.

MelodyBarreauMelody Barreau

Melody is studying European Social and Political Studies at University College London. This year, she has decided to take a year out of her studies to gain experience in the Third Sector. After spending some time in the policy team of Macmillan Cancer Support, she is glad to move on to a new project where she can combine the skills gained during my work experience with my interest in International Development. During her first two years in UCL, she became increasingly sensitive to the topic of human rights; of which she is incredibly passionate. She believes that human rights start with access to basic needs and human development and this is exactly what Social Enterprises enable in a sustainable way. By empowering people, we build a world where each can find their own worth as well as dignity. She is looking forward to invest her energy in the Minca family as she strongly believes that Social Enterprises are the way forward!

NikolettPokaNikolett Poka

Nikolett graduated at the University of Greenwich, London, with a BA in International Relations and Global Politics. Currently, she is undertaking her Masters degree in “Disasters Adaptation and Development” at Kings College, London. Her main purpose “to make the world to be a better place”, will be achieved through raising awareness of universal connection between each of us and every living things. Therefore she recognises the importance of ‘togetherness’ and ‘understanding’ and their power. When great minds are collaborate and come together for a visionary future, change may occur. She believes, that, the greatest gift in life is to empower people through their minds, making them to believe that opportunities are “given” and after all, it is only up to them to make even the impossible come through. When people distinguish the power inside of their selves and reconnect with others, miracles could happen. Consequently, Living in Minca is a world of opportunities, which can be accessed by everyone.

Erika González

Erika is an enthusiastic Filmmaker and creative media that graduated from the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá, Colombia. She has a proactive and innovative approach . She has a wide range of team working experience in field production for short films, documentaries and corporate videos. She has worked as a filmmaker and editor in a number of international prestigious advertising companies. She believes that her humanistic side is a great complement to Living in Minca Ltd she currently works as a creative media and editor. Her positive mind, academic training and her abilities have been part of a graphic and communicative growth for our Social Enterprise.

SimonBestSimon Best

Simon Best is a Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University Business School. He is the Programme Leader for the Msc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship and the Project Leader of EDH@MDX. EDH@MDX is an initiative started by Simon to provide support across the university to all students and staff who either want to start a business or have a business already want it to grow. Simon sits on the Academic Standards Board and Advisory Board for the London College of Business and Information Technology, and for Compass Education, in Viet Nam.


Isabel Orjuela is a graphic designer and filmmaker in Audiovisual and Media at the University of Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogota. After finished her degree she studied Photography. She believes that design and social photography are the tools to help people who are in need, being her main interest “the design and photography as a tool to educate.” She has worked on a wide range of organisations including an NGO that was dealing with the Armed Conflict in Colombia as a graphic designer, photographer, editor and marketing assistant. She currently works as a graphic designer and social media marketing assistant in Living in Minca .