Living in Minca is an international platform established in 2012 as an initiative to promote ‘social enterprises’ and the social and solidarity’ model, around the world.

We travel around the world (Minca Nomads) visiting social enterprises and supporting ‘invisible’ social entrepreneurs. In two years, we have travelled to more than 20 countries in North and Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe visiting and supporting more than a hundred social enterprise and social economy initiatives. Based on our experience, we produce films (Minca Films) and conduct research (Minca Think Tank), seeking to understand the broader context of development taking into account the historical factors that have shaped these social enterprise and social economy initiatives.

We also provide educational, training and consultancy courses (Minca Eduka) for NGOs, schools, universities, local communities, potential/current social entrepreneurs, as we strongly believe education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world to operate in a more social and environmentally friendly way.

Social enterprise, social innovation, social and solidarity economy.