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Living in Minca Ltd works to enhance the knowledge of the social enterprise and the social and solidarity economy models through independent and critical research. We believe in the power of “communication” to enhance collective action. Here, we offer the opportunity for researchers and practitioners to publish their papers and reports on social enterprise and social and solidarity economy related issues. We have reviewers that provide constructive comments to bring the final paper to its best quality.

Complementary Currencies

Exploring complementary currencies in Europe: a comparative study of local initiatives in Spain and the United Kingdom.

  • The potential of local complementary currencies (CCs) as an innovative response to austerity and recession has been recognised at European level, particularly in recent years with the rising unemployment, environmental degradation, community fragmentation and social exclusion. Although local CCs have attracted considerable media attention, academics have been slower to analyse their emergence. Therefore, this study aimed to address this knowledge gap and gained greater insights into the dynamics of CCs in two European countries; Spain and the United Kingdom (UK). This paper attempts to understand the emergence, development, operations of 4 case study organisations (Brixton and Bristol pound in the UK and La Pita and Ekhi in Spain), as well as participants views and political support at local, regional, national and European levels. This paper contextualises as well as depicts the socio-economic circumstances and the scenario that these CCs have been evolved. | Download Working paper

SSE Ecuador

The Social and Solidarity Economy in Ecuador: opportunities and challenges

  • Although increasing attention has been paid in recent years to the importance of the social and solidarity economy in Latin America, there
    has been little written specifically about the Andean region. This study contributes to this knowledge gap through an exploration of the social and solidarity economy model in Ecuador. The research offers insight into the historical factors that have contributed to the development of the social and solidarity economy and identifies the different institutional environments in which the sector operates highlighting the opportunities and challenges that exist. | Download Working paper

SSE Colombia

Narratives of Social Enterprises: Examining Social Entrepreneurial Activities in Colombia

  • Although there is a plethora of dynamic socially oriented formal and informal enterprise activity within Colombia, there has been limited research on social entrepreneurial activities in this area (Bucheli, 2010). Therefore, this study contributes to this knowledge gap through an exploration of social entrepreneurial activities in Colombia. | Download Working paper

SE Tanzania

Exploring the Dynamics of Social Enterprises in Tanzania

  • Increasing attention has been paid to the importance of social enterprise activity in less developed countries. Advocates suggest that the social enterprise sector has experience considerable growth in African countries in recent years. Yet there remains little understanding of the social enterprise sector, and much of the discussion to date has been based only on anecdotal evidence. This paper addresses this issue by examining the nature and extent of social enterprise activities and their support infrastructure using evidence from two case examples in Tanzania. | Download Working paper